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Wrap up Top Drawer 2016

Minh Chau

A huge thank you to all the existing and new costumers who have visited our stand at Top Drawer Autumn 2016! We have had the most exciting time yet catching up with regular clients and getting interests from brand new leads. 

Our catalogues will be sent out by post this week and if you have missed the show, please drop us a line and we will get the new catalogue sent to your door. 

Chau Art luxury greeting cards
Chau Art trade show greeting card stand

Have I mentioned the new collection of pop out bauble cards? There are brand new 9 card designs where greetings meet functionality: once the card has been sent, your recipient can take the cut out part out and use them as hanging Christmas decoration! They are original, cute and would add an extra personality to your Christmas dining table. 

lasercut greeting card

So that would be the last trade show of this year for now. Though tiring, the team always very much enjoy setting up a trade show where we can see clearly "Wow, this is how much we have improved from last year!" I can never sum up the feeling of satisfaction, joy, admiration and a bit of jealousy at major events where we get to see other companies with their beautiful stands and designs. It makes me feel proud for having been able to place myself on such a competitive yet inspiring market. 

We look forward to spring next year when we promise Chau Art stand will be yet larger and much better yet! 

And to all costumers, thank you so much for having helped us spread the love for paper cutting!

PS. This is me having fun while painting the walls back to white at the end of the show. The effort everyone must have put in for three days at trade fairs... 

Read between the lines

Minh Chau

So summer has passed half way and I have managed to digest through a list of books between the constant hours of designing, drawing, cutting, editing and preparing for the storm coming at Christmas. 

May I be discreet about it, but we are looking at a monster launch of over 100 new designs this September, coming available for Top Drawer Autumn and British Craft Trade Fair in just under 2 weeks time! 

Whatever greeting occasions you're looking for, I think we will have them all covered! The team and I have been working incessantly throughout the summer for this exciting launch. This also means we have had a very mundane summer completely ignoring the sunshine and all the planned trips but we can't be happier with the result. There will be over 30 designs specifically catered for Christmas alongside many exquisite papercut art pieces that have been taking me forever to complete (oh how many books and music discs I had to linger on in between to keep my scalpel going!)

We are in the final stage of pulling off a winter catalogue for next week. Please stay tuned and we can hardly wait to share the results of all the hard work with you.

Chau, 31/08, procrastinating again between the photoshoot. 

Home & Gift 2016

Minh Chau

Another trade show has passed by, this time was in the weaving July heat and literally climbing through the streets of Harrogate. Fun nonetheless, but it did make us very grateful for those who have come out in the heat wave to visit all the traders at the fair - we realized it must have been exhausting on your part.

I would like to thank all the existing costumers who visited us and all the new contacts made at the show. I hope you have enjoyed our expanded Christmas range and are busy selling at our shops during the summer. 

For those who could not make the show, here are a few photos taken at our stand (we tested with blue paint instead of grey this time, the result is interesting...):

Chau Art papercut arts and stationery
Lasercut greeting cards

I am back to the studio now, ready to dispatch all the orders and meanwhile, manage to finish a few book titles that I would like to recommend for your holiday ahead. They are all kind of short and fun read (even if sad they will not be depressing enough to weigh down your summer mood, trust me) that I have picked up this year among the busy hours running the business, and hope you will enjoy them too:

1. Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki, Haruki Murakami
2. Playing to the gallery, Grayson Perry
3. Naomi, Junichiro Tanizaki
4. Guy de Maupassant's short stories
5. In praise of shadow, Junichiro Tanizaki
6. Snow Country, Kawabata.
(I have a thing for Japanese literatre, I know I know)

And last but not least, enjoy the summer that is already on our doorstep and we wish you the best of time!


The Morris adventure

Minh Chau

"Dear Sir Morris,

Your designs are so spectacularly breath-taking but also unbelievably difficult to trace and redesigned. Until I get to work on your designs have I recognized you tremendous talent, and amazingly it's not in art alone...

When I finish this project, the first thing I will do is to read your "News from Nowhere" - a book I have picked up from my local market stall and never got a chance to read.

I wonder how much amazement it will take me to learn more about the endless possibility of your talent."

If William Morris were alive, this would be my fan letter to him. I wonder why I had never researched about him more back in my uni years...