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Country Living Spring Fair: discount tickets

Minh Chau


We are excited to confirm that Chau Art will be joining 200 other boutique brands to form the lively Country Living Spring Fair at the Business Design Center, Islington, London this coming March.

Make sure you save a date for this special bursting events with new ideas for your home and garden this year, as well as ensuring you gather enough cards and personalized gifts for your special ones at our Chau Art - stand A15 too. 

And now for our little treat, get your tickets for £1 discount with our unique code here:

Chau Art, luxury greeting cards, Country living Spring fair

To book your tickets, please click here and apply code EX16S16 at your check out page. 

We hope to see you and your family at this special event :)

New collection

Minh Chau

Stay in tuned as this February 2016, we are launching a whole new collection of our alphabet lasercut cards and a personalized name service!

The collection was first introduced at Islington and Chelsea Christmas markets, which was a great success for us  - and we are excited to introduce our newly launched personalized frame art to our online costumers. 

In the mean time, have a sneak peak at this alphabet that took Chau weeks of working straight from 10-6 to complete! :)

We thank all the costumers who have made our Christmas special and we can't wait to bring our new collection online!

A little rambling...

Minh Chau

This is a new journal.

This is a new blog that shall continue recording my artistic progress.

This is a promise to keep myself more active on the net.

This blog has started since December, when the website was live – however I do know I have been neglecting its online presence to focus on the reality. And that reality has so far been production work, marketing events at trade and art fairs, working with new clients, selling at odd days and places, and etcetera.

I am thankful to those who have reminded me of the importance of keeping myself “alive” and “communicative” online, despite the hectic reality. I am thus ready to expose a little of Chau Art in progress with you, my dear followers; I would not like you to think me idle while I have been online silent to focus on the restless production for the fall/winter season.

Before long, I would like to share Chau Art's very first Internet exposure on Costworld Allure magazine. I have had the privilege to meet the gay and charming David who included the business for his report post on the Malvern Spring Show 2015 (read here).

Chau Art's stand at the Malvern Spring Show 2015.

Chau Art's stand at the Malvern Spring Show 2015.

A little zoom into my first laser cut card's collection – which also happen to be the best selling items thus far.  

A little zoom into my first laser cut card's collection – which also happen to be the best selling items thus far.  

I am expanding the collection which, as you can see, is heavily inspired by the romanticism and nuance of nature. This may explain why they are so popular wherever I bring them to: each card is a flower, a statement of affection, on paper- ever lasting and could be framed for the recipient! I am working on a lot more now, and am eager to come back to show you even more works...

Introduction to Paper cutting: a Chinese treasure

Minh Chau

Papercut is currently one of the most common practices in crafts and contemporary illustrations. Quite often I would find myself stricken by a fairytale book or birthday cards featuring intricate works of paper cutting. The delicacy of details, the contrast between the cut out areas and the backing paper, the sequence of lines, altogether inform a visual poetry reminiscent of shadow play and Chinese line drawing.

An example of paper cutting at Chau Art

An example of paper cutting at Chau Art

Popularized by Cai Lun in subsequence to the invention of paper in the Eastern Han Dynasty, paper cutting is now a renown Chinese art form with worldwide influences into Swedish and Jewish folk cultures. The handmade craft - Jianzhi in Chinese, explores the space and shadow on paper as a mean to home decoration and textile patterns. Jianzhi is often cut out from red paper, a symbolic colour of wealth and fortune in Asian culture, and employ popular motifs of zodiac animals and folklore imagery. When travelling to the West, paper cutting has been transformed into a limitless art form to which Jews employed to depict marriage contracts, illustrators with fairytale scenery, and artists explore silhouettes as part of their social narratives.

Thanked to the boldness in colours and subtlety in visual refinement, paper cutting pieces blend well to minimal home decor while maintaining their solid artistic statements. Displays of papercut supplements a sophisticated touch for your working space and give a highlight to the immaculacy of white walls. 

by Minh Chau, 2014