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And here comes the notebooks...

Minh Chau

Having been a stationery addict since young, I know I have been longing to launch my own notebook/planner collection some day since the start of the business. Nonetheless, as all costs involved, I was hesitating for months waiting to build up a costumer list and interest before expanding outside of greeting cards. 

Things changed after a busy Christmas when I had my heart (and fundings) set for the launch of my own notebook & diary designs. That said, it took us over 3 months looking for the right manufacturer, paper stock, notebook types, etc, to reach the resolutions.

Long story short, we are now ready for a pre launch of our notebook collection at Pulse and the National Stationery show in London and New York, respectively, in the coming May. We are probably gonna be too busy to update anything online, so here are a few photos of what we have got now to show you: