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New collection is now fully launched!

Minh Chau

chau art papercut stationery

Our Nib & Ink collection has been launched successfully at Top Drawer 2017!

The collection is yet another milestone for the brand offering something minimalist and contemporary, rather distinctive compared to our so-far traditional and elaborative look. It was beyond fun learning and getting playful with calligraphy – something I have been curious about for so long.

It's a shame we could not get full on calligraphy with all the swirls and decorative pattern due to the laser cut process, however the simplistic forms have caught the eyes of many shop owners and we hope you will come across some of them in your local stores.

Here are a few of my favourites within the collection, what about yours?

chau art papercut card
chau art papercut card
chau art papercut card
chau art papercut card

Thank you so so much for watching this space and we will share photos of our stand from Top Drawer soon.

Have a belated lovely New Year and a wonderful 2017 ahead!

Home & Gift 2016

Minh Chau

Another trade show has passed by, this time was in the weaving July heat and literally climbing through the streets of Harrogate. Fun nonetheless, but it did make us very grateful for those who have come out in the heat wave to visit all the traders at the fair - we realized it must have been exhausting on your part.

I would like to thank all the existing costumers who visited us and all the new contacts made at the show. I hope you have enjoyed our expanded Christmas range and are busy selling at our shops during the summer. 

For those who could not make the show, here are a few photos taken at our stand (we tested with blue paint instead of grey this time, the result is interesting...):

Chau Art papercut arts and stationery
Lasercut greeting cards

I am back to the studio now, ready to dispatch all the orders and meanwhile, manage to finish a few book titles that I would like to recommend for your holiday ahead. They are all kind of short and fun read (even if sad they will not be depressing enough to weigh down your summer mood, trust me) that I have picked up this year among the busy hours running the business, and hope you will enjoy them too:

1. Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki, Haruki Murakami
2. Playing to the gallery, Grayson Perry
3. Naomi, Junichiro Tanizaki
4. Guy de Maupassant's short stories
5. In praise of shadow, Junichiro Tanizaki
6. Snow Country, Kawabata.
(I have a thing for Japanese literatre, I know I know)

And last but not least, enjoy the summer that is already on our doorstep and we wish you the best of time!


The Morris adventure

Minh Chau

"Dear Sir Morris,

Your designs are so spectacularly breath-taking but also unbelievably difficult to trace and redesigned. Until I get to work on your designs have I recognized you tremendous talent, and amazingly it's not in art alone...

When I finish this project, the first thing I will do is to read your "News from Nowhere" - a book I have picked up from my local market stall and never got a chance to read.

I wonder how much amazement it will take me to learn more about the endless possibility of your talent."

If William Morris were alive, this would be my fan letter to him. I wonder why I had never researched about him more back in my uni years... 

Playlist for the day

Minh Chau

A lay out of a few upcoming greeting card designs in our Oxfordshire studio:

While working on this meticulous pieces, music is obviously a must and I would like to share with you a few of my replay list - please note: they are all upbeat tunes to fit my paper-cutting mood, may not be the best for emotional periods but I hope these tunes will be able to make you lay back and smile:

1. Cross my mind - Twin Forks

2. The second waltz - Dmitri Shostakovich

3. Roly Poly - T-ara

4. Can-can - Offenbach

5. Supersonic - Oasis

6. Sally Cinnamon - Stone Roses

7. It's you - Super Junior

8. Ship and the globe - Kae Sun

9. Pumped up kicks - Foster the People

And last but not least, my replay button was pressed on this non-lyric whistling tune that apparently appeared in the school Korean comedy called Sassy Go Go - "Hold on there" - perfect for 'holding on' to the endless work with my scalpel :)