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Filtering by Category: Inspirations

The Morris adventure

Minh Chau

"Dear Sir Morris,

Your designs are so spectacularly breath-taking but also unbelievably difficult to trace and redesigned. Until I get to work on your designs have I recognized you tremendous talent, and amazingly it's not in art alone...

When I finish this project, the first thing I will do is to read your "News from Nowhere" - a book I have picked up from my local market stall and never got a chance to read.

I wonder how much amazement it will take me to learn more about the endless possibility of your talent."

If William Morris were alive, this would be my fan letter to him. I wonder why I had never researched about him more back in my uni years... 

Playlist for the day

Minh Chau

A lay out of a few upcoming greeting card designs in our Oxfordshire studio:

While working on this meticulous pieces, music is obviously a must and I would like to share with you a few of my replay list - please note: they are all upbeat tunes to fit my paper-cutting mood, may not be the best for emotional periods but I hope these tunes will be able to make you lay back and smile:

1. Cross my mind - Twin Forks

2. The second waltz - Dmitri Shostakovich

3. Roly Poly - T-ara

4. Can-can - Offenbach

5. Supersonic - Oasis

6. Sally Cinnamon - Stone Roses

7. It's you - Super Junior

8. Ship and the globe - Kae Sun

9. Pumped up kicks - Foster the People

And last but not least, my replay button was pressed on this non-lyric whistling tune that apparently appeared in the school Korean comedy called Sassy Go Go - "Hold on there" - perfect for 'holding on' to the endless work with my scalpel :) 


February moodboard

Minh Chau

Green - the colour of peace, the colour of fertility. The colour of the changing grass in front of my apartment after weeks of gathering frost. I notice we almost never wear green, (has it ever even been in fashion?), but that is probably because of its limited compatibility with human complexions and other wearable colours.

I have never excluded green from my favourite mood boards, however, such things are pleasant must always have the shade of green in its existence. From art to fashion, from nature to human works: Monet's bridge paintings, Lempicka's fashion chicks, Anne's knock-out dressing gown in Bonjour Tristesse, and who could bypass Scarlet's green gown that was made out of a falling curtain?

The green at Chau Art offers the similar mood of fashion and harmony with female bodies, yet with greater subtlety. I love these scarves that use green as part of its aesthetic works, one way distorting reality and another appraising and bringing out nature's true colour. I don't dare putting on a whole green gown like Scarlett or Knightley in Atonement, but a touch of green on my little black dress has recently been quite an obsession. 

The colour brings such a taste of exoticism for me that works in the same way with red, but is charged with less sexuality. It is almost philosophical in a sense, the colour that synthesizes the vastness of nature, a girl's fertility and a touch of calm thoughts – all awaken in that shades of blue of yellow.

Green is blue without sad thoughts and a yellow with painted compassion – always remains pleasant, always remains nature, constantly imitating life...  

by Chau, February 2015

Sunday at Living Craft fair

Minh Chau

Based in the picturesque and cultivated city of Oxford, we are privileged to be visiting regular arts and craft fair around the city. Last week was the recognized Living Craft event at the splendid setting of Blenheim Palace where Churchill and Princess Diana grew up.

The fair was a colossal celebration of English handicrafts and local arts: from pottery and jewellery to paintings with threads and fibre, a great source of inspirations and knowledge for our business. Here is a little visual tour to our recreational experience on last Sunday:

Seems like we are not the only inspired by Chinese pottery, since craft maker Mia Sarosi (lovely name!) also uses Chinese blue ink ash painting as her prominent source of creativity. Mia's ceramics, however, obtains a more fluid and spontaneous feel of brush strokes that distinguish greatly from the ancestral Chinese works.

Below are a few exquisite floral display from The Bana Pots, from which the flower on the left, bird-of-paradise, has been explored in our silk embroidery collection here

And here is our favourite photo of the day!