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Read between the lines

Minh Chau

So summer has passed half way and I have managed to digest through a list of books between the constant hours of designing, drawing, cutting, editing and preparing for the storm coming at Christmas. 

May I be discreet about it, but we are looking at a monster launch of over 100 new designs this September, coming available for Top Drawer Autumn and British Craft Trade Fair in just under 2 weeks time! 

Whatever greeting occasions you're looking for, I think we will have them all covered! The team and I have been working incessantly throughout the summer for this exciting launch. This also means we have had a very mundane summer completely ignoring the sunshine and all the planned trips but we can't be happier with the result. There will be over 30 designs specifically catered for Christmas alongside many exquisite papercut art pieces that have been taking me forever to complete (oh how many books and music discs I had to linger on in between to keep my scalpel going!)

We are in the final stage of pulling off a winter catalogue for next week. Please stay tuned and we can hardly wait to share the results of all the hard work with you.

Chau, 31/08, procrastinating again between the photoshoot.