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Sneak peaks

Minh Chau

A glimpse to my current work development for our new wall art collection:

And here I am reporting from the British Craft Trade Fair:

Thank you for all the support we received at the fair, Chau Art brand will soon be showcased in over a dozen more galleries and cute shops around the country! 

And although the brand was short listed for the Greeting Card awards at the event, I didn't manage to win. But when I saw the works of this lovely winning lady - Jane from Yoojoo company , I could only take my hat off for her and her refreshing ideas of using greeting cards. 

Each of her greeting card reveals its own use as Jane interweaves her designs with actual objects that could be taken out and used as a guitar plectrum or folding bookmark. Totally astonishing! 

The charm of each event is, for me, not only to gain exposure for the brand, but the exalting opportunity of meeting talents all around the country from whom I have gained so much experiences and inspirations from. Not too exaggerating to say that they sort of make me want to jump right back into my studio and design more and better works to catch up with them all.

Quote of the day:

"Vision is the ability to see what is invisible to the eyes."