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once upon the time at Country Living

Minh Chau

Once upon the time there was a graduate who dreamt to have her creations showcased and sold in a big, fat, glorious event. She wanted people around to treasure paper the way she does - how they can be moulded, crafted and manipulated to become precious pieces of hand notes and framed keepsakes. 

Started humbly in 2015 with just around 10 designs, the newly graduate has now a collection of over 200 hand-designed greeting cards and wall arts. And she thought the time has come to join a big, fat glorious event in the central of London knowing there are over 350 well-experienced competitors surrounding her. The show was run by the prestigious Country Living magazine and situated right in the middle of the beautiful Islington borough.

The girl was me and I was so frightened at the number of traders and the amount of upfront cost to enter such a huge show - aka a big step forward. But I have made it. For the first time I was almost completely satisfied with the outcome of my stand design, the range of products showcased and of course- the returns it has given me and my little team. 

The fair won't be the biggest show this year as I am attending some even bigger international events down the line of 2016. But the Country Living fair really hit me and my lovely colleague - wow, we have come a long way! - and sure this is still miles away yet from our destination. 

I hope to continue receiving all the support from you on our journey. And as I wrote, I think it's time to come back to the design studio and work on ideas all the Country visitors and costumers have given me throughout the last tiring yet rewarding week.