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Sunday at Living Craft fair

Minh Chau

Based in the picturesque and cultivated city of Oxford, we are privileged to be visiting regular arts and craft fair around the city. Last week was the recognized Living Craft event at the splendid setting of Blenheim Palace where Churchill and Princess Diana grew up.

The fair was a colossal celebration of English handicrafts and local arts: from pottery and jewellery to paintings with threads and fibre, a great source of inspirations and knowledge for our business. Here is a little visual tour to our recreational experience on last Sunday:

Seems like we are not the only inspired by Chinese pottery, since craft maker Mia Sarosi (lovely name!) also uses Chinese blue ink ash painting as her prominent source of creativity. Mia's ceramics, however, obtains a more fluid and spontaneous feel of brush strokes that distinguish greatly from the ancestral Chinese works.

Below are a few exquisite floral display from The Bana Pots, from which the flower on the left, bird-of-paradise, has been explored in our silk embroidery collection here

And here is our favourite photo of the day!