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Chau has got her new visa!

Minh Chau

Chau Art is about to turn one and I had never disclosed this but I was running a business on a very contemporary one year visa sponsored by my university. The year has gone by fast with consistent long working hours and savings poured into production and trade show costs - not that I would ever complain having always been a savage workaholic since student days. (Cutting down on shopping was beyond difficult, though). Having only one year to debut a business was another stretching point my little team and I have been struggling with.

However, as of today I have had received my new visa - being given the opportunity work and run the business in the UK for the next three years! We were all speechless as I made a pass without being called for an interview or further investigation, considering the turbulent politics within the country after Brexit. (To all stockists and costumers, yes, this was the explanation for the slight delay in our delivery around October since I was stretching myself between work and visa preparation.)

I couldn't have gotten this leave without your tremendous support for our products over the past year. Thank you again and I hope you will continue to enjoy our products and my ever evolving creations.

With a grateful heart,